The things you should do, and the things you could do...but it would be kind of weird since we already told you to refrain from doing them, also beer.



Don’t be a dickhead.

Play to the level of the person in front of you. (From new players, big players grow)


game play rules

Goals behind the offensive line do not count. (^)

No Slapshots.(*)

No checking or rough play, body on body is okay. (*)

No lifting the puck above waist height. (*)

Goal Crease (known as the “CL”)
Defensive players can skate thru the Goal Crease.
Stationary Defensive players hit by a puck inside the Goal Crease are subject to a penalty (*).


(^) Penalty 1:
Goal does not count.
Defensive team gains possession from behind their net. Penalised team must stand behind the halfway line before play begins.

(*) Penalty 2:
Team allocates a player to take a shot from shooting line.
They are allowed one shot per penalty with no obstruction however verbal taunting is allowed and expected.


SRHLS Sydney Constitution


To download the current Constitution -click here.