Who are we and what do we do!

Who are we?


Street Roller Hockey League Sydney is the best way to find new sporty team members (and drinking buddies combined).

With our mantra being, "Don't be a dickhead" we're able to build an environment where we can take Inline/Roller Hockey from being mystifying and intense, to an easy going social sport where you can learn some new skills that you never thought you'd know.

If you've never played Ice or Inline Hockey before, then you're welcomed to join.

If you haven't skated since you were 6 years old, then you're welcome to join.

If you have no idea what you're in for, but you want to experience something new with fun people, you're welcome to join.

Casual, easy going, social and definitely a relaxed attitude; join us to find out more.


(Fully Assembled Questionnaire)

What do you need?

1)      Pair of Skates

2)      Helmet (Compulsory)

3)      A stick

4)      Membership in SRHL Sydney

5)      Protective gear – shin, elbow, wrist guards (not compulsory but strongly advised)

What does my membership get me?

A team, access to all our drop in games, invitation to our events, insurance and a whole lot of goals(*).

(*) Subject to varying degrees

What does the Insurance Cover me for?

SRHLS is an affiliate of SV and members are covered by their insurance policy. Details can be found on SV website documents http://www.skatevictoria.com.au/documents-and-policies/
Download 2017 – 2018 Insurance Renewal Schedule
To find information on insurance coverage.

How will the First Season work?

Players will be moved into one of 4 teams (mixed) for this season only.

This will be a scientific process, factoring in your playing level, the teams you friends are in, the area you live in, how much beer you bribe ppl with etc etc.

If you don’t know which team you want to be in, we’ll find a place for you (pssstt remember, its only for 3 months).

After this initial season, we’ll be open to having as many teams as can fill in members.

What do the TEAM CaptainS do?

The Team Captain/s job will be to organise games between the other teams, and to do a little administration to make sure that SRHLS have you covered for Insurance.

Note this doesn’t have to be the Team’s best player, typically its just the Team’s most organised.


There will be a timetable of the games being played by each team.

Each team v team game will be organised for a 2 week period, which mean both teams will need to find time during that 2 week period to play each other at least once.

Games will begin 1st weekend August until last weekend of September then a finals day on the weekend of 6-7th October.

How long do the games for?

Typically we ask the games go for 3 x 15 minute periods with 5 minutes break between each period. This almost makes the games a solid hour.

Naturally, we’ll leave this to the Team Captains to workout between themselves given the circumstances, e.g. its too hot, the pub looks too inviting, we're having too much fun etc.

Will weekly Drop-In games continue to happen?

Yes, oh lord yes. Saturday games for all players of all levels will always continue.

There are indoor places lined up also, so keep an eye on the Facebook page for additional places to play.

We will also endeavour to have more places to play, more often.

What if I have more questions?

Approach your Team Captain or see one of the members of the Board, they will always be happy to listen to any questions you may have.